Girl Rising

A few months ago I started reading Half the Sky, a book that documents the stories of several young girls who were subjected to sex trafficking and calls us all (the readers) to action against these crimes. I’m still reading it because I have to take it in doses. It’s beautifully heartbreaking. Around the same time that I started reading this book, I stumbled upon the trailer for Girl Rising:

I watched it at least ten times that day and was so upset when I found out it was debuting at Sundance and I had just barely missed it. However, the good news was the option to apply to have the film shown in my town. So, I sent the trailer over to one of my dearest friends, and the woman I knew could make it happen, Julia Knecht. And make it happen she did, we have a slot for April 4th at the Wynnsong here in Provo.

Here’s the catch, we need 100 people to reserve tickets before we can solidify the screening. It’s only $10, and if we don’t reach 100 people, you get your money back. Kind of like Kickstarter, but you get to see an amazing film if we reach the goal. So, if you like life-changing things, if you’re bored, if you feel like something has been missing in your life, sign up. I promise you it will be worth it.

Reserve your ticket here:

Girl Rising


Surviving the worst winter of your life

San Diego

Folks, it’s March and that means there is a light at the end of this freezing tunnel. Winter 2013 was the worst winter I have ever experienced (cold-wise). After returning from the tropical paradise of Thailand where we spent Christmas, we were greeted with 0 degrees back in Salt Lake City. Literally zero. And it didn’t let up from there. The next few months were a lethal combination of inversion, below freezing temperatures, and gray skies. I was funneling down into a pit of cloudy, cold, depression. Once I had to scrape ice off from the INSIDE of my windshield. That was rock bottom.

So, without further ado, here are the only things that saved me from turning into a cold-hearted, cold-handed, mute this winter.

Weekend getaways

 bunk beds

What do you do when you can’t stand your 450 sq foot apartment anymore and you can’t go outside without getting hypothermia? You leave.

This has hands-down been the thing that has saved me from losing my mind this winter. It has given me something to look forward to, and it has bonded friendships with some of the best and most hilarious people I know. Thank you to everyone who has been generous enough to open up their homes, cabins, bunk beds, and hot tubs to me.

Wool socks

wool socks

I have never before owned a pair of wool socks. However, after I was positive I was starting to get frostbite, I decided to invest in a pair. LIFE CHANGING. Really though, I wear them every day. That might be gross, but my feet are so warm and cozy and I don’t care who knows it.

Head South




I am a creature of the sun, and when the sun didn’t show it’s face here for weeks on end, I had to go find it. Luckily, I have friends and family in Arizona and California, leaving me no choice but to head south to the warmer weather that they offer. I had two glorious weekends soaking up enough sun to get me through the rest of this winter.

Beaches in San Diego

Gloves and an ice scraper

In my four previous years in Provo I rarely have ever worn my gloves or used the ice scraper in the back of my car. But, with no more underground parking, and sub-zero temperatures, my gloves and scraper have gotten a work-out. Without these trusty items I would no longer have hands and would probably no longer have a car due to an inevitable car accident.

Good people

Without the great people here in this place, I couldn’t have made it. You make living in this tundra worth it.