My love/hate relationship with Daily deal sites

dealEveryday, I wake up to emails telling me about the latest deal. Teeth whitening for 57% off, noise canceling headphones for 49% off, oh and the best, a trip to Iceland for only $599 that includes airfare and lodging. Really, it’s like having the latest SkyMall magazine updated regularly in my inbox. And they personalize it too, so it’s even better.

Every day, I get excited about these deals. I will email them to friends, tell my co-workers, and more often than I should, make an impulse purchase. But how could I not want a two for one entrance to see the Zoo Lights??! Groupon and Livingsocial are planning my weekends, and I never have to get creative about where to eat or what I want to do. That’s because my life has started to revolve around the little coupon world inside of daily deals. They keep me in by telling me that I won’t get a Pass of all Passes for $10 if I leave and I won’t get to try really mediocre restaurants for half off.

After getting my fourth daily deal email of the day, I am often tempted to unsubscribe. I don’t want any of your weird massages or crappy cameras. But then I get an email about getting my wedding dress dry-cleaned and packaged for only $50 and I say, ok, I will stay a little longer.

In my constant state of unrest with my daily deals, I am always so close to ending it. But, just like with a relationship that isn’t terrible but isn’t great, I stick around when they bring me flowers that are wilting and went on sale. Because, it’s the thought that counts, right? And maybe someday this relationship will lead me to the jackpot of deals and I will be flying around the world for a year for only $100.


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