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Grand Palace Bangkok

Bangkok is our home-base. We flew into Bangkok, out of Bangkok, back in, back out, back in, and sadly one last trip out. In between all of this airport time we managed to visit the gems of Bangkok. Props to my mom for being an amazing tour guide and taking us to the best places.

Our first stop in Bangkok was Chatuchak market. It’s only open on the weekends and we only had one open Friday where we would be in the city. We drove over with Kun Su Shard (sweetest man in all of Thailand who brought us Coke Zeros when we were thirsty) and explored the markets. They have everything there. Needless today it took a lot of self control to not go on a buying spree. Once we were done wandering we hit up some street vendors for chicken sate and some weird bread/butter/evaporated milk thing.

The Grand Palace, BangkokThe next venture into the city was to visit the Grand Palace, which is AMAZING. Often compared to the Forbidden City in China, I think this one takes the cake for me. With giant gold bells and hand mosaics covering many of the buildings and statues, it’s stunning. Also, if you are a boy don’t forget to wear pants. Girls are ok in dresses and sleeves but the guys have to be in pants because Thai people don’t want to see the tourist’s pale calves. Michael got to rent some nice baggy sweatpants to wear over his shorts. Lookin goooood. Coryne was immodest too and was given a long skirt to wear over her shorts.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Next we hit up the Mandarin Oriental hotel downtown for a late lunch (super late because Bangkok traffic is insane and it took us forever to get there). The hotel is beautiful and set on the waterfront and the food was super yummy. After this we talked them into letting us grab a long boat from there (usually only hotel guests can, but mama Farnsworth got her way). The long boat took us down the river through the city and you can see 5 star hotels sharing property with run down shacks which back up to ancient temples. So cool. We also got pummeled with a wave from another boat and the camera was oh so close to being lost to the waters of Thailand.

Long boat, Thailand


Mandarin Oriental hotel, BangkokOur last day trekking around Bangkok was spent out at Ayutthaya, the old ruins. We visited a floated market, got our feet nommed on by fish, and hit up as many of the ruins as we could. We had to cut the day short thanks to a pack of pit bulls that attacked us. We were trying to find the entrance, passed a sign written in Thai that apparently said “No trespassing”, and walked onto someone’s property. Before we knew it, 4 pit bulls were headed at full velocity towards us and my mom got the worst of it when one of them chomped her calf. We quickly got out of there and then hit up the doctor later that day where she got to start her 5 series of rabies shots.

fish massageAyutthaya ThailandAyutthaya ThailandAyutthaya Thailand

Ayutthaya ThailandAyutthaya ThailandAyutthaya Thailand

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